Gabe Winkler Realtor

Fall 2017 – Fall 2018


Gabe Winkler is a realtor in Kona, Hawaii. He came to us because he needed a simple website that would have some information about himself and his services, but that would also be able to integrate the local Hawaii real estate listings.

We designed a custom website for the client that included an About page, Contact page, custom Blog layout for market statistics and updates, and that would also be able to integrate local real estate listings (Hawaii MLS). Gabe was looking for a less expensive alternative to the normal real estate software, and we were able to find him a cost-effective option that would still allow clients to browse for available properties on his website.


Gabe Winkler Realtor — Integration of Local Real Estate Listings
Gabe Winkler Realtor — Responsive Website Design
Gabe Winkler Realtor — Website Design

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