Eyes of the Reef

Spring 2021


Eyes of the Reef Hawaii is a nonprofit community reporting network for coral bleaching or disease throughout Hawaii. The organization offers training and education to anyone that wants to get involved in the program. 

The client received a grant to build an online training program for its management and education system. The client then came to us to help with the creation of the program.

We worked with the client to develop the requirements and selection criteria for the project. We then located and implemented an appropriate Learning Management System (LMS) that fit their needs. We were also able to donate a lifetime license for the selected LMS, so the organization will be able to use it long after the grant funding is expended.

As part of the project, we recorded and created the intro and outro videos for each learning segment. Quizzes, presentations, and completion certificates were also created for the system. The program includes many training presentations, which we helped edit. Lastly, we trained the client’s team on how to use the system and showed them how to update the learning materials.

The training program is active and available to anyone who is interested in helping keep our beautiful Hawaiian coral reefs healthy and protected.

Training modules for Eyes of the Reef
Mock up of Eyes of the Reef training program

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