Checklist – How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page

November 27, 2013

As we enter into the holiday season, it’s time to spruce up your online image. That being the case, I wanted to offer this great article that includes a checklist to optimize your Facebook page and get it working for you. If you’re wondering whether you’re doing Facebook right, this checklist will help you evaluate your page and fix any issues that may be hurting you.

Checklist - How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page

Facebook Page Checklist:

“About” section: is your website URL the first thing listed?

Additional “About” section: Are you providing links to your company’s other social channels, like your Twitter account and blog?


Cover photo: is it well-designed and does it meet Facebook’s Guidelines?

Cover photo description: when someone clicks on your cover photo, do you have a photo description with information, a call to action, or links?


Profile photo: does it clearly reflect your brand?


App thumbnails: are the three most important apps featured as “favorite” apps, and do the app thumbnails include a call to action or have a promising label?


Page engagement: Divide your “Talking about this number” by your Page’s total number of Likes. This will calculate your Page’s engagement from the past seven days. Average Page engagement is two percent. If you’re below two percent, your content strategy needs to be adjusted.


Content strategy:

What type of content is your business sharing?

Are you using a photo or another type of media to accompany each status update?

Are you sharing valuable, relevant information with your fans?

Are you implementing the 70/20/10 rule?

Does your content speak directly to your target audience?


Exclusive content: What are you offering your Facebook fans that they can’t get anywhere else? A free eBook? Exclusive industry advice and tips? Frequently updated entertaining content?


Branding: What does your brand say about the users who like your Page? Remember: people Like a Facebook Page not because they like a particular product or service, they do it because what they Like says something about their own identity.


Commenting: Are you engaging back with your Facebook fans? You should be Liking their comments and responding to all their questions.


Industry opportunities: What type of industry-relevant content should you share on your Facebook Page? There are four questions to answer to determine what type of content opportunities your industry presents:

  1. Who is your target market? Try to segment your market based on interests.
  2. What does your target market like, want or need? The content you share should address these things.
  3. What can your brand or company offer?
  4. What do you want your Facebook Page to do for you?


Source: How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page [CHECKLIST] | ShortStack

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