How to Drive Engagement on Pinterest

September 21, 2017

Pinterest is a powerful social media platform when it comes to marketing your brand. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which focus primarily on socializing, Pinterest focuses on gathering and sharing ideas. Pinterest is therefore not known for high engagement, but when you drive engagement on Pinterest, this platform will reward you with broad reach and a captive audience.

How to Drive Engagement on Pinterest

Optimize your Pinned Images

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest’s algorithm rewards some posts over others. Always publish high-definition images that are around 735 pixels wide and 1100-2400 pixels long. Adding alt tags and a keyword-rich description will also help the right people find your content easier.

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Keep your Boards Organized

Your Pinterest profile will look more appealing if you keep it organized with clear board titles and a natural flow. Some brands even color-coordinate their boards for maximum appeal. To get more engagement, position your most popular and seasonally relevant boards in the top row.

Follow the Rules

Pinterest is not like Twitter; hashtags are not used, and shortlink URLs in pin descriptions can get you labeled as a spammer. Instead, focus on posting quality, pin-worthy images with keyword-rich descriptions.

Contribute to Group Boards

One of the best ways to network with like-minded pinners is taking part of a group board. Unlike typical boards, group boards are run by two or more users, instead of just one. Think of them as a big collaboration of images and ideas centered around the board’s theme. Not only does pinning to group boards allow you to work with other pinners, it can also get you noticed by a huge audience – many group boards boast tens of thousands of followers.

To join a group board, follow these steps:

  1. Search through Pinterest to find a group board that fits your niche
  2. Follow the group board, as well as the group board creator (he or she will be the first user listed at the top)
  3. Send a polite request to join the group board, usually through an email provided in the board’s description.
  4. Once you are invited to contribute, be sure to read the group board rules carefully, and always follow them.


Pinterest may not be the most “social” social media platform, but its unique layout, algorithm and user behavior means that high engagement can yield very high results for your brand.

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