5 Reasons Why You Should Audit Your Social Media Marketing Plan Quarterly

February 21, 2019

Performing a social media marketing plan audit might sound a little overwhelming. It’s actually a simple task that, when done quarterly, can lead to social media success.

A social media audit is a process of reviewing your social media channels. The purpose of doing the audit is to see if your existing social media marketing plan is working. It also sheds light on what strategies need to change. After completing the audit, you will be able to reach your goals for each social media channel.

5 Reasons Why You Should Audit Your Social Media Marketing Plan Quarterly

Many companies make the mistake of auditing a social media marketing plan yearly. The most important part of the audit is doing it often so you can pinpoint what needs to change. There are several reasons why you should perform a quarterly social media audit.

1. Perfect Your Strategy

Many companies don’t plan effective social media marketing strategies. With the internet expanding daily, it’s difficult to know the best way to advertise to your followers. During a quarterly audit, you will be able to plan social media strategies. These marketing strategies will help you appeal to clients and prospects. A good way to plan future strategies is to look back at top-performing posts. What made those posts perform well?

2. Set and Meet Your Goals

Having goals is essential. However, many leaders only focus on the goal and not how to get there. By doing a quarterly social media audit, you will be able to think about the steps you need to take to reach your goals. Social media allows a very high volume of people to view your company and your products. How can you best use each platform to reach your personal and monetary goals? How can you best use each platform to attract the clients you want? Asking these questions during a quarterly audit will help you set and meet your goals.

3. Maintain Your Digital Presence

It’s 2019. Having a digital presence is critical if you want to succeed. On a daily basis, people search for social media channels that provide credible information. Conducting a quarterly audit will ensure that the information you share is accurate and your branding is consistent. Clients want to see social media pages that convey direct information. By taking the time to observe each of your social media channels, you are only going to improve.

4. Client Care

Quarterly social media marketing plan audits will enhance your relationship with your clients. As a thriving company, you need to know what makes your clients and potential clients happy. Social media is the perfect platform to find this out. On social media, people will leave comments on your content and send you messages. You can look at each channel and review the comments your clients have left. By doing this, you will learn what content is engaging to clients. This information will also help resolve any potential problems.

5. Constant Improvement

Growth is an important aspect of running a business. But, it’s easy to forget about growth when you get used to a routine. When you get comfortable doing the same thing over and over again, it’s hard to see that your routine isn’t working. Doing your social media marketing plan audit quarterly will allow you to notice the changes that you need to make. You will be able to grow, and your company will achieve great things.

A social media audit is not only beneficial for your company but your clients as well. Not sure where to start? Contact us today!!

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