What a Single Page Website Should Include

April 20, 2021

Originally published on January 28th, 2020. Updated for April 20th, 2021.

No matter what type of business you run, you need to have a website, even if it’s a single page website. This will help to establish credibility and build brand awareness. It’s highly possible to have a high-quality website that fits on a single page.

Single Page Website: Person writing a list next to a cellphone displaying a computer

Everything on your single-page website must serve a purpose. It needs to adapt to many devices to ensure that everyone can access it. You need strong content, a header, and design in your limited space. When you have a single-page website, consider including the following elements:

What sets your business apart

Highlight what makes your business different. This tells people they are in the right place. Include what your business does, why you do it, and what makes you the best.

Contact details

People shouldn’t have to hunt down your contact information. Don’t bury your details. Make it easy to find the right phone numbers, email addresses, and social media icons.


You need to have a services section. This is what you do. Include small blurbs to describe your services and their benefits. If your business provides “before and after” services, include pictures! These are services like hair and make-up, remodeling, etc. Images say more than words can. This makes them great for your limited space. Pictures also help with SEO.

About Us

You also need to have an About Us section to tell visitors more about the story behind your company. This will give information on who you are and what your company is about. Your “About Us” should tell people about the values of your company. You may also want to include why you started the company as well.

Past projects and reviews

Before potential customers engage with you, make it easy to find what projects you’ve worked on in the past. Including how you did. You could present this information in a photo gallery (like the “before and after” mentioned above) or a list of projects.

Make sure to include testimonials as well. These will help inspire people to work with you. Sincere reviews will give unbiased proof that people love your work.


You need to provide at least one call-to-action on your website. This increases the chance that your visitors will engage with you further. Make sure to lead them to your goal. This could be to gain their email addresses or entice them to submit for a free quote.


Even a small website will add great benefits to your business. You will be able to build your brand and credibility, which will help in the success of your company. Use the tips above when building your single-page website. Contact us today to help you get started.

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