Rodeo Appliance

Fall 2022 – Present

Repairing a Digital Presence:

A Case Study on Website Consolidation and Branding for Rodeo Appliance
Rodeo Appliance, a family-owned appliance repair service company based in Los Angeles, is renowned for its exceptional service of high-end brands like Viking, Miele, Thermador, and True. However, their digital identity was splintered across a collection of Weebly websites, which lacked a unified look and feel. Recognizing the need for a digital makeover to align with their premium service, Rodeo Appliance partnered with Technology Aloha for website redesign, marketing strategy, and ongoing support.

The Challenge:

Rodeo Appliance was directing paid advertisement traffic to a suite of disjointed websites, which not only led to inconsistent branding but also presented an operational burden of maintaining multiple sites. The fragmented online presence was failing to resonate with their upscale clientele and did not adequately showcase their service prowess.

The Process:

The Technology Aloha team, led by Jillyn, commenced the project by understanding Rodeo Appliance’s specific goals and vision for their digital presence. After careful deliberation, the decision was taken to consolidate the multiple websites into a single site, thereby providing a consistent brand experience while also reducing design and maintenance costs.

Drawing from the client’s inspiration websites, the team incorporated ample imagery and dynamic elements into the new site, reflecting the vibrant, modern feel Rodeo Appliance wanted to project. In terms of branding, the use of sophisticated fonts, colors, and icons helped lend the site an elegant look.

To cater to their specialist brand repairs, the site was designed to include custom page templates for each brand, detailing specific appliance issues they address, thus demonstrating their expertise and unique service attributes.

The Solution:

In order to maintain branding consistency across different campaigns, one-page website templates were designed for landing pages, mirroring the Rodeo Appliance brand aesthetics. This strategic move facilitated a seamless experience for customers, irrespective of the campaign they were directed from.

The Results:

The consolidation and redesign resulted in an elegant, modern, and cohesive website that embodied the essence of Rodeo Appliance. The new site not only offered a refined user experience but also optimized the company’s marketing efforts by enabling consistent branding across different campaigns. This transformation was crucial in aligning Rodeo Appliance’s online presence with their premium offerings.

As a testament to the successful collaboration, Technology Aloha continues to provide ongoing website maintenance, hosting services, and helps in crafting additional landing pages as needed, ensuring Rodeo Appliance’s digital presence remains fresh, vibrant, and perfectly aligned with their premium service ethos.

This case study highlights the transformative power of a unified digital presence in enhancing brand perception, operational efficiency, and overall user experience. It also underscores Technology Aloha’s commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions that drive real business value for clients.

Rodeo Appliance  — Homepage
Rodeo Appliance — Responsive Web Design
Rodeo Appliance — Custom Services Template
Rodeo Appliance — CTA Section

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