Pinterest for Nonprofits

June 1, 2021

Originally posted on June 17th, 2019. Updated for June 1st, 2021.

Pinterest Audience

Pinterest is a popular social media platform. In fact, nearly 80% of U.S. Millennial women are on Pinterest, and 40% of Millennial men, proving their loyalty to the platform. Plus, unlike other social media websites, 91% of people say that Pinterest is a place of positivity.

Pinterest has over 450 million users and over 85% of users have bought something based on Pins they see from brands. And because they have over 450 million users, Pinterest is more popular and active than Twitter and Snapchat combined.

Heart Pins, Pinterest for Nonprofits

Here are some quick facts from Pinterest users in 2021, according to Sprout Social:

Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users

85% of Pinners use the mobile app

240 billion Pins have been saved by users

Pinterest is growing in younger generations

80% of U.S. moms are on Pinterest

50% of U.S. Pinners frequently shop on Pinterest, and 89% of users are on Pinterest for purchase inspiration

Top Categories Browsed by Pinners in 2020

  • Home décor
  • DIY and crafts
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Art
  • Women’s fashion
  • Food and drinks
  • Beauty
  • Event planning
  • Gardening

For a more up-to-date look, check out this Pinterest article.

Pinterest Best Practices for Nonprofits

#1. Fundraising

Pinterest makes it extremely simple to sell various items, helping you raise money for your nonprofit. Whether it’s a t-shirt with your company logo or an inspiring poster, all you need to do is pin the image and type the “$” sign with the price in the description box. Pinterest automatically adds a nifty banner in the top-left corner of the image. It displays the cost, and the item appears on the Gifts tab on the Pinterest homepage.

#2. Group Boards

Group boards are public boards that multiple users can contribute to. Many group boards receive thousands of views every day. Create your own group board and collaborate with others. Or get permission to contribute to one to increase the reach of your pins. (Be sure to always follow the group board rules.)

#3. “Pin-It” Buttons

You can add “Pin-It” buttons to your website, allowing Pinterest users to “Pin” any photo they like from your website to their own boards. It’s a fast and easy way to get more exposure.

#4. Thank-You Boards

Nonprofits who have corporate/business sponsors can create a Pinterest board thanking them. Many local businesses use Pinterest. Giving them a quick shout-out will help increase exposure and show your appreciation.

#5. Networking

Follow Pinterest users with similar interests with quality pins on their boards. And get added to boards like Pinterest for nonprofits.

#6. News & Events

Showcase events and make announcements through a Pinterest news & events board. It’s a great way to keep event photos in one place and it will also connect your supporters to the impact they are making.

#7. About Your Cause

Get volunteers and donors inspired by dedicating a page to the core issues that your organization seeks to solve. This is a great place for raising awareness with infographics and statistics. Infographics are important for creators because they’re an instant and visual way to connect with your potential audience.

Example 1: The Pacific Primate Sanctuary, for example, can have a “Save the Primates” board that raises awareness on threats facing different monkey species. A board like this could easily become a group board.

Example 2: A Maui Food Bank Pinterest board titled “The face of American Hunger,” could invite and collaborate with other food banks and organizations like Feeding America.

Hawaii Non-Profit Pinterest Board Ideas

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Hawaii travel ideas & tips
  • Behind the scenes
  • Our organization’s history
  • Our blog
  • Aloha Friday

As you can see, Pinterest is an incredibly useful social media marketing tool. There are many ways you can use it to help build awareness of your nonprofit and gain support for continuing to serve communities and achieving your goals.

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