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Our Technology Aloha team is a group of talented and driven business process experts, designers and marketing specialists. We work together as a team to support our clients by designing beautiful websites, executing strong marketing strategies, and developing efficient business processes.


Founder + Managing Director

Marketing Strategy, Brand Development, Internet Psychology & Business Optimization


MBA in Marketing and Finance
BS in Management Information Systems


Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Jillyn — Founder + Executive Director of Technology Aloha

Q&A with Jillyn:

Q: What’s the one question that every agency should ask potential clients when evaluating their business?

“What’s your BAG?”

Running a business isn’t easy. Those of us who do it are driven. What drives you? What is that one Big Audacious Goal, even if it feels unattainable? Why do you do what you do?

If your agency isn’t asking good questions, they are not truly interested in your business. Chances are they aim to provide a good product or a service, but not a partnership for your success.

Your BAG gives enormous insight into the personality of your business, where it’s headed, and what success will look and feel like when you arrive. Whether that’s more revenue, more freedom, or more meals for the less fortunate in your community — this is our sweet spot, and nothing is more satisfying than helping our clients succeed.

Q: You pursued marketing, finance and competitive intelligence. These seem to be very different disciplines... What’s the commonality?

At their core, all three disciplines are about analysis — finding outliers, discrepancies, opportunities and figuring out how to capitalize on them. Solving problems and finding solutions is exhilarating! I have a natural aptitude for it, and my training and experience provide a unique and powerful skill set that I use to help clients clarify and achieve their goals.

We help our clients do what they do, only better. I love that!

Q: What makes Technology Aloha different?

We’re not just a web design company. Most agencies are content to build a site that satisfies their client. That’s a great start, but clients work with Technology Aloha because we take a wholistic approach to marketing strategy. We craft sites and brand experiences that capture the essence of who our clients are. That authenticity resonates with their target market and helps attract their ideal customer.

We also have an unusual build process and standard. Most business owners don’t realize that they will need regular maintenance and updates for their site. We offer affordable ongoing maintenance plans for the sites we build, and that makes us uniquely motivated to provide functional, maintainable and long-lived sites. If sites are not well planned and built systematically, they often cost clients thousands of dollars in maintenance and break/fix work as well as lost revenue.

We craft sites that account for the constant evolution of software and new ideas clients may have. Our sites are specifically designed to grow with the business, and growth is the objective, right?


Executive Assistant

Communication Management, Project Coordination & Process Streamlining


BA in Psychology


HubSpot Certified: Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing
GiveSmart Fundraise Professional: Level 1 & 2

Employee photo of Diana with gradient background

About Diana:

Diana serves as Executive Assistant to the Founder and Executive Director at Technology Aloha. Diana brings diverse experience in clinical case management, human resources, and executive-level support. Her expertise is in ensuring smooth operations by cultivating an atmosphere of open dialogue and harmonious collaboration among team members and clients. Her goal is to provide support to the founder and the team by anticipating needs to maximize productivity and efficiency.

She has made significant contributions through her brilliant organization and research skills, and has been instrumental in ethically expanding Technology Aloha's use of AI. Her interpersonal skills shine through eloquent, tactful interactions with the team and clients. Diana excels at proactively improving processes and client service. Her strengths in communication management, project coordination, and psychology-informed marketing provide invaluable support. Diana's professionalism and drive ensure smooth operations and satisfied clients.


Senior Web Designer

Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Brand Design


BS in Information Technology Major in Web & Mobile Application

Employee photo of Shey with gradient background

Q&A with Shey:

Q: What drew you to design?

Growing up, I've always been drawn to art. My initial plan was to study Information Technology to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming an animator. But as I delved deeper into my studies, my fascination with programming grew so I decided to pursue Web and Mobile Application Development as my major instead. It soon became clear to me that a career in web design, specifically in a digital agency setting, would allow me to fully utilize both my technical skills and creativity.

Q: What are a few characteristics of a great design?

It’s a common misconception that great design means pretty design — good choice of font, colors, illustrations and so on. It’s true that those do contribute to what makes a design great, but it’s not just that.

People are impatient. People are busy. So while it’s important to keep your site/ads/social media content eye-catching, it’s just as critical to keep it simple and straightforward.

Simplicity is when the design has just the right amount of decorative elements to not distract the user from your main message. And straightforwardness is effectively presenting them the message without the unnecessary extra steps. Those two combined with the design being striking enough to grab and keep the user’s attention, is what makes a design great.

Q: You say Good Design is Good Business — explain…

Your logo, website, social media graphics, content and all the other marketing resources you have are all part of your branding. And a well-designed branding makes a huge impact in a business's sales and revenue. In fact, some of our clients reported that they had customers who chose them over their competitors because their website made it seem like they’re "very professional".

Why is that?

Firstly, good branding creates a positive and lasting impression on potential customers and clients. A well-designed product, website, or brand image can instantly communicate the professionalism and expertise of a company.

Secondly, it conveys a sense of quality and trustworthiness to consumers. People are more likely to trust and purchase products or services from a company that presents itself in a visually appealing and polished manner.

And lastly, it helps people remember your brand. With so many businesses vying for consumers' attention, it is important to stand out and be memorable. A well-designed brand involves consistency which makes it easy to recognize and remember, leading to increased brand awareness and loyalty over time.

Q: There are so many web designers to choose from, what are some of the questions a potential client should be asking?

When it comes to choosing web designers, we at Technology Aloha advise business owners to look for three things;

Good customer service and communication habits. This will be crucial in the success of a project as it establishes trust and ensure clear understanding of your goals and requirements. It also helps to address any issues or concerns that may arise in the future.

Offers support and maintenance services. A website is a long-term investment that requires ongoing care and attention. It needs to continue to function properly and stay secure to preserve a positive the user experience for your visitors. So hiring a web designer that will take these out of your plate is like getting a "health insurance" for your business and will provide you with peace of mind.

Great portfolio and positive reviews from past clients. A portfolio will help you evaluate their skills, experience, and expertise, and determine if they have the ability to deliver what you need. On the other hand, testimonials will give you an overview of the agency's work ethics, reliability, and attention to detail.

Jillyn is a joy to work with and is very patient. The hands on training was very important to the future success of our new WordPress site. Jillyn has the ability to make a complicated process simple.

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