How to Write Engaging Social Media Captions

October 7, 2019

Social media marketing helps promote brand awareness since you can connect with a variety of people. As a bonus, it’s free to use. To help gain positive attention online, you need to make your social media posts engaging and inspiring. This way you can build a social following that loves and interacts with your business. Follow the tips below to learn how to write engaging social media captions.

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Think about your intention

When you write your captions, think about what your intention behind the post is. What are you trying to do? There are a variety of reasons that can be behind a post. You could be trying to connect with your audience, build your brand or inspire a specific action.

It’s important to add context to the pictures that you post. You need to write the right captions for the right posts at the right time. This will help increase engagement and interest. Posts specific to the current time are going to gain more interest than posts that reference something that happened months ago.

Encourage conversations or a call-to-action

A great way to inspire conversation about what you share is by asking your audience a question. This can include posting a picture of your office treats and asking what their favorite treat is.

Call-to-actions are great tools to help drive traffic to your website, but you don’t want to include them on every post. This can cause you to lose some of your audience. Ask them to visit your website, but only when it makes sense and not every time you post something.

Add something of value

Your captions are a great place to share something important with your audience. This could be teaching them, explaining how to use a product, or making them laugh and inspiring them. If you find something valuable, your audience will enjoy it too. Don’t post for the sake of posting. Instead, make it worth sharing.

Share a story and be yourself

People connect with others when they are genuine. Being yourself will help build your brand and a great way to do this is by sharing stories. A story can be a problem you worked through or about a recent success. It will help humanize you and connect you with your readers.


Sharing pictures on social media is great, but make sure to have a great caption to go along with them. Are you still struggling with how to write social media captions? Technology Aloha loves serving heart-centered brands and organizations nationwide. Contact us today!

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