How Small Businesses Can Build a Brand with SEO

October 26, 2021

Originally published on November 5th, 2019. Updated for October 26th, 2021.

A small business should take their SEO strategies seriously. Half of all website traffic comes through search results. SEO — search engine optimization — boosts your ranking on the search results page. Landing near the top means increased exposure and more clicks. Small business SEO services help connect your branding with SEO. But how does SEO work when you’re building your brand? And how do you build your brand by using SEO?

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How to Build SEO

Choose Keywords Wisely

Use descriptive keywords to let search engines know what your content is about. Include complementary keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) to show the depth of content. Google likes credible, deep content.

Craft Content Strategically

Research your audience. Know your objectives. Align your brand and goals with both. Then build content with these things in mind. Make the content relevant and add images, videos, infographics, and other visual media.

Create Accessibility

Make sure you’re using alt tags appropriately. This makes sure users with disabilities can still navigate your content.

Build Links Intentionally

Collaborate with other businesses and websites to get quality links. Search engines look at them as recommendations. When you work with another group, ask if they will post a link to your business on their webpage. Guest posts and linkable content boost credibility with search engines.

Boost Online Citations

As you build on online presence, you’ll increase online mentions of your business. These mentions — known as citations — raise your website’s authority. Higher authority raises your search engine ranking. Consider getting your business on web directories and online publications.

How to Build your Brand

So how does all this relate to a brand? Simple. You want users and potential customers to feel good about your brand. To help that, keep user experience in mind and focus on these five “Be” tips:

  • Be Useful
  • Be Usable
  • Be Findable
  • Be Accessible
  • Be Credible

Do these look familiar? They should! It’s the same list used above to describe SEO!


If you want to get clicks, users must recognize your brand. Optimizing your brand online moves you in this direction. But with changing algorithms and Google’s constant tinkering, how do you compete? Small business SEO services offer a guide through the jungle of SEO and branding. We’ll take the time to do the research and know the strategies you barely have time to hear about.

Technology Aloha offers the guidance you need to get your SEO and your brand running. Contact us today to learn more.

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