How Email Marketing Can Convert One-Time Donors into Recurring Supporters

April 6, 2021

This post was originally published on September 5th, 2019. Updated for April 6th, 2021.

Email marketing done wrong wastes time. Done right, it boosts supporters and donations. Don’t be scared! You can use email marketing to convert donors into recurring supporters and increase awareness of your nonprofit. Get started today with these 7 tips.

email marketing to convert donors

1. Personalize Your Emails

Nonprofit emails get opened more than other emails — by nearly 20 percent! Since you have that going for you, use it. But keep in mind, it takes personalized content with a clear message to get donors to take action. Get to know one-time givers through donor surveys and tailor email content to them. “Welcome” and “Thank you” emails connect you to new donors.

2. Segment Lists

Go the extra step and segment your contact lists. Don’t panic if this term seems foreign to you. Segmenting means dividing your list into smaller groups. This gives you the ability to send one-time or former or recurring donors with relevant information. The more relevant the email, the more it gets read.

3. Get Creative with Your Outreach

Draft different types of emails. Check out your competitors and the emails in your personal inbox to get inspired. Grab ideas from successful campaigns and learn from campaigns that didn’t work.

4. Keep Your Email Marketing Clear

Choose clear templates and compelling headlines for a clean look. Add gripping images that tell the story of the work your donors support. Use video marketing to draw attention and engage viewers. One-time and recurring donors want to know their dollar made an impact.

5. Have Easy to Find Sign-up Forms

Hunting for information or forms on the web frustrates donors. Make your email sign-up form easy to find, quick to access, and simple to fill out. Consider using a pop-up form, your website’s footer, or the web pages that get the most traffic.

6. Use Automation

Technology (on its good days) makes your job easier and frees your time. Use automation to your advantage. Set up an automated series of welcome, thank you, or retention emails to arrive after a first donation. Reply and engagement rates skyrocket with an automated series.

7. Track Your Analytics

Track your success. Metrics allow you to analyze how your emails perform. Open rates, click-through rates, email conversions, and unsubscribe rates reveal what works. Your email service provider or a marketing agency (like Technology Aloha!) can help you get this information.

Remember: You Can’t Fail

Using email marketing to convert donors does not need to be a foreign language. Start with a genuine interest in your donors and follow up with the tips above. You’ve got this!

If you still feel out of your comfort zone, contact us today for help. Technology Aloha is a seamless extension of your business — like an in-house marketing team without the full-time commitment.

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