Create Marketing Videos that Set Your Business Apart from the Competition

May 11, 2021

Originally published March 12th, 2020. Updated for May 11th, 2021.

Looking for new ways to help your brand compete? It’s time to invest in video marketing. Learn how your business can create marketing videos now.

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Video marketing is huge when it comes to brand content. Compared to other forms of advertising, video is far more engaging and versatile. According to recent data, starting this year, up to 82% of all web traffic will have some relation to video content.

The Value of Video Marketing

It’s easy to say video content is better than anything else, but the numbers say it too.

Why is video so popular?

Visually Engaging

Static images are easy to ignore, but a video captures a person’s attention immediately

Easier to Understand

Visual guides and explainer videos can be simpler to process than blocks of text.

Stronger Connection

Video clips allow you to provide extra context about your product or business. The content helps customers understand your brand better. This means they are more likely to get on board with what you’re offering.

How to Get Started With Video Marketing

With modern technology, producing a video is far easier than companies might realize. All it takes is a smartphone, good editing, and you can have a polished piece in a matter of minutes. You can also get some of your content using stock footage as well.

Tips for building video content

Keep it Simple

While high production values can be useful for some videos, it’s not necessary for most of them. A simple one or two-shot clip with a person talking to the camera can be effective.

Vary Your Content

There are all kinds of videos that people want to watch. Create videos that illustrate how to use your product. Show behind-the-scenes footage of your team in action. Create a list of potential content categories and use that as a guide.

Be Concise

You’ll have to find the sweet spot for an optimal length, but usually, shorter is better. Customers don’t have time to sit through a 20-minute presentation. Cut it down and focus on the core element of the video. What message are you trying to send?

Start Video Marketing Today

As video content continues to build popularity, businesses have to keep up. You don’t want to fall behind and lose to the competition. Now is the perfect time to create marketing videos and start standing out.

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