Content Marketing: 10 Mistakes That are Hurting Your Success

June 27, 2019

Creating a content marketing plan provides a map to drive your efforts toward success. It gives direction to what you write and how you share it. But, before you jump into the driver’s seat and speed off, you need to be aware of ten content marketing mistakes that hurt your success.

Content Marketing Mistakes

1. Ignoring your audience

Your readers offer valuable feedback on what to include in your content, what form to write in, and where to post. If you ignore the input of your followers, few will engage with your content.

2. Keeping content to yourself

The Internet fuels your goals with its ability to spread your message fast. Failing to share your content leads to a dead end.

3. Posting the same old-same old

Blog, blog, blog. Not exciting. Readers lose interest in the mundane. Rotating in infographics, case studies, testimonials, memes and more ignites interest.

4. Writing dated content

Viral content may get an immediate response, but it stops driving traffic over the long haul. Dated material loses its relevance quickly — no recycling or repurposing.

5. Giving unclear (or nonexistent) CTAs

People want to know the next turn to take. If your calls to action (CTAs) lead your audience in a different direction or do not exist, you lose them to other more informative sites.

6. Neglecting the analytics

If your content leaves your audience less than thrilled, it falls flat. Reviewing the performance of your content tells you what to cut and what to reuse.

7. Reposting influencer content

Sharing the posts of influencers boosts your momentum when done right. However, if you do not do the legwork to secure usage rights, a flat tire is more likely to occur.

8. Thinking all content is equal

Stops along the sales funnel require different approaches to get your audience to click through. Relying on one type of content fails to get them to the finish line.

9. Posting irregularly

Inconsistent content (both quality and quantity) brings your credibility into question. Your audience and search engines enjoy consistent, fresh content.

10. Going solo

Content marketing requires a team approach. Going solo leads to blind spots and ineffective content. Gather those with the necessary skills to achieve top performance from your strategy.

Technology Aloha offers the expertise you need to do content marketing right. We help you avoid these content marketing mistakes and implement the tips of experts to navigate the road to your goals — paving the way to success one turn at a time.

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