Amazon Smile Questions — Answered by Technology Aloha

June 23, 2020

This post was originally published on December 8th, 2020. Updated for June 16th, 2022.

What is Amazon Smile?

The Amazon Smile Program lets Amazon customers shop on Amazon. It then donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to their charity of choice. It’s not the be-all-end-all of fundraising. But it is a great addition to the efforts you make to raise money for your nonprofit.

Amazon Smile: Confused robot made out of Amazon shipping boxes.

How do I register?

Registering your organization is easy. We covered how in our previous blog post “How to set up an Amazon Smile Account for your Nonprofit.”


Is AmazonSmile Right for Your Nonprofit?

Amazon Smile can add long-term donations to your nonprofit. It’s a simple virtual fundraising tool. Amazon Smile lets people who support your cause shop and then part of the cost of what they buy goes to you.


Is there any cost to charitable organizations or to customers?

No. Amazon Smile is free for shoppers and nonprofits. While the donations aren’t tax-deductible, those who use the program don’t pay any money to donate. The prices on Amazon and Amazon Smile are the same. Plus your nonprofit can access donations for free.


How do I change my nonprofit’s account information such as email address and password?

Amazon’s Org Central lets you make all the changes you need to properly manage your nonprofit’s Amazon Smile account. Sign in to Org Central and select Settings. Then Edit Account Information or Contact Information.


How do we change the bank account associated with our Amazon Smile account?

Log in to Select Settings and then click on the Edit button next to Deposit Method.

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How do I sign my school up for Amazon Smile?

If your school is a 501c3 you can sign up, if not, there are a couple of options. PTA or PTO organizations within your school may be a 501c3. You can sign up through them, or you can look into using Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

Unfortunately, public schools aren’t usually 501c3s and you have to be one to sign up. But the PTA/PTO route is a great way to still raise money for your school through a proper nonprofit.


How do nonprofits spread the word about Amazon Smile to supporters?

Get access to tools that help you spread the word to your supporters on Sign in to your organization’s account and click on “Marketing Tools.” You can get a link for a customized AmazonSmile landing page for your nonprofit. You can use the link in emails, newsletters and on social media. You’ll also have access to a downloadable website banner and social sharing widgets as well. Now, you can put your marketing plan to work.

You can also spread the message that your nonprofit uses Amazon Smile in:

  • Newsletters
  • On your website
  • On social media

How do I contact AmazonSmile?

At Technology Aloha we want to support your nonprofit and make it successful. But we want to let you know we’re not affiliated with Amazon or AmazonSmile. We’ve created this FAQ to answer some common questions, but other questions about how to use Amazon Smile should go directly to Amazon. To submit a question to the support team, use this contact form.

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