7 Website Psychology Tips That Surprise Even the Experts

February 16, 2021

Originally published on July 12th, 2018. Updated February 16th, 2021.

Applying website psychology to the design of your website can seem complicated, but working on a few key elements will get you up and running against the best of the competition. Check out these website psychology tips that surprise even the experts.

7 Website Psychology Tips That Surprise Even the Experts

Less is More

Putting less content on a page seems counterintuitive. After all, the more you can tell, the better, right? So, we work to creatively cram more intel into every inch of white space. But, it turns out less is more when it comes to your website and the psychology of your visitors.

Let’s explain: Fewer words and fewer images — not less quality. Consumers (and search engines) still look for quality content, meaning it provides value. Spot-on images that highlight the text and content which informs, educates, or entertains are the goals. Too much information overwhelms, and visitors bounce.

Two strategies help you accomplish these objectives.

Cut Your Text. The idea is to say more with fewer words. Every word counts. Every sentence adds value. If not, cut them. Ruthlessly editing eliminates words or sentences which do not contribute something new to your point. Try reducing your text by 10 percent. Are you still making your point? Try another 10 percent.

Increase Your White Space. White space on a page encourages visitors to engage with your content. Resist the temptation to fill it. Cutting your text gets you started. Next, choose images with the greatest power to get your point across, and use them sparingly.

Show the Humans Behind the Website

The days of hiding from a salesman’s knock at the door may be over. The internet gives consumers a way to connect comfortably — on their own terms. They do not realize getting on the internet is today’s version of opening the door. Use this opportunity to get personal in a way that draws prospects.

Some strategies for doing this well include:

  • Tell a compelling story through text and image
  • Using photos of people who match your demographic
  • Give individualized attention with a specialized offer
  • Take care of consumers with a flexible checkout process
  • Follow up with customers after a purchase

Remember: Different is Not Better

Being unique makes you stand out from the competition. The niche you offer to your industry brings you business, and you want this to come across on your website. However, with web design, stick with what’s familiar. Consumers like to know what they are doing.

Keeping the format of your website similar to reputable sites allows visitors to flow easily from the first click of a CTA button through to a final purchase. Plus, you build off the trust of other brands. This strategy also keeps things easy for consumers — no figuring out what to do.

Make it Easy Peasy

Maybe this tip is not so surprising — we humans like things easy. The shorter our attention spans grow, the busier our schedules get, the more frustrated we become with anything slightly complicated. We give up on lengthy content, overwhelming options, or processes that require too many clicks. Keep content short, and limit the mouse movement and clicks required to complete your CTA.

Giving fewer choices boosts your sales. The “jam study” demonstrated a sales increase from three to thirty percent when the choice of jam flavors decreased by 18. On your site, this psychology means reducing options for clicking i.e. use only one CTA per page and use landing pages to direct consumers to focused products rather than your entire catalog.

Focus on the Consumer

Consumers used to want your credentials and who you are as a company. This interest takes a different spin now. While it might be easy to guess from our “me” culture, consumers want to know how your company and products or services benefit them. Boasting and bragging about your business turns customers off. Offering them value turns them on.

Also, address their concerns. Again, marketing that focuses on the greatness of your product or service fails. Marketing which demonstrates how your service fills a prospect’s need or your product answers a consumer’s questions gets attention. Add information about why your product is worth their hard-earned dollars or why it is the best deal.

Show Your Worth

While you do not want to brag about your worth, let others do it for you. Consumers still want to know you and your products prove credible. So, build your authority and credibility by including…

  • Customer testimonials
  • Statistics on the frequent use of your product
  • Stories of the people and passion of your business
  • Links to credible industry leaders
  • Familiar web design elements

Build for Your Audience With Website Psychology Tips

Building your website with a nod to human psychology helps you understand your prospects and creates a site useful to them. You do this by:

  • Saying more with less
  • Connecting personally
  • Establishing and showing your worth
  • Being unique but familiar
  • Making it easy
  • Focusing on the consumer

If you want to incorporate these and other website psychology tips on your site, but don’t know where you should start, give us a call! We will be happy to guide you.

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