6 Ways to Reach Donors in a Digital World

May 4, 2021

Originally published October 17th, 2019. Updated for May 4th, 2021.

Curious to know the ways to reach donors for your nonprofit? Technology can be a powerful asset when marketing your nonprofit. The digital world provides many different channels you can use to expand your impact. As a nonprofit you know your donors are essential for your long-term success. You can use your online presence to inspire donors to contribute to your cause. But there are many ways when it comes to reaching nonprofit donors, which begs the question, “Where do I start?”

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There are a variety of ways to reach potential donors. With so many possible online channels, you should focus on the ones that are going to get you the most return. By combining multiple avenues together, you can reach the most amount of people interested in you and your nonprofit. Here are six ways to reach new donors in the digital world.

1. Email marketing

Email marketing is a great resource for you to reach out to past and future donors. Make sure your website has a clear call-to-action button for collecting email addresses. This is also a great way to reach out about current events with your company and updates to your blog.

2. Valuable content

Content in all avenues is important. You want to add value whether it be your emails, blog, social media, or website. Your content is what will help your potential donors connect with you and your mission. Show them how passionate you are about your goals.

3. Social media

Social media is a must when it comes to expanding the reach of your business or nonprofit. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest all have great benefits to building your brand. You are able to reach out to a targeted audience with ads and interact with more people on social media than you would anywhere else.

4. Blog

A blog is a great way for people to learn more about you and your nonprofit. This is the place to inspire them to donate. It will personify your nonprofit and keep people updated on what’s happening. Use your blog to tell stories, provide important updates, and inform your audience.

5. SEO

SEO is a key aspect that you need to make sure to consider as you create your website pages and blog posts. You want people to be able to find you through the use of keywords that connect to your nonprofit.

6. Clear mission

If you don’t have a clear mission, people won’t contribute to your cause. You need to have your mission clarified and easy to find.


As a nonprofit, you need to reach out in many ways online. Use the strategies above to expand your reach and the donations will follow. Be clear, purpose-driven, and kind when you reach out to nonprofit donors and you will inspire others.

If you want help, contact Technology Aloha today. We love serving heart-centered brands and organizations nationwide. And we want to help you be more successful, so you can make more meaningful contributions to your community.

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