6 Ways to Keep Up with Your Competitors’ Content Strategies

December 19, 2019

Websites need to be inviting to customers. Consistent and dependable content is the perfect invitation. A way to get this is to understand how your competitors market their content. Then use it as a way to develop your own strategy. Your content marketing plan must be solid. It is essential for your entire marketing strategy.

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There are some things you can do to keep up with competitor content strategies. By doing competitive analysis, you can figure out what works for your competition. You can also how to improve your content strategies. While it takes time, it is worth it to set up a content strategy rivaling your competitor’s. Here are six ways to keep up with competitor content strategies.

1. Find where content lives

The first thing to do is to perform a website audit of your competitors. See where content lives on their websites. Look at the site’s navigation and sub-navigation. This may take a while depending on their website, but it helps you understand their content strategies.

2. Check the quantity of content

This step is the most time-consuming but will show you how you compare to your competitors. This is essential to keep up with competitor content strategies. Take note of the quantity of each content asset type published on their website. This will show you if you have enough content. And will also tell you if they’re lacking in certain areas you can build on.

3. Look for even (or uneven) distribution

Do this while auditing the quantity of content. Look at the topics discussed. It can be helpful to see what topics they are focusing on and which ones they may be missing. Where they’re lacking in certain areas can be a good focus area for you.

4. Find the frequency

The next thing to note is the frequency of published content. You should pay attention to how often updates appear on your competitors’ websites. Are you matching their frequency? Are your updates regular or sporadic compared to theirs?

5. Review the quality

Take a look at how good the quality of your competitors’ content. This includes things such as grammar and content accuracy. You can also see which posts resonate the best with readers and how they structure their content.

6. Note their SEO focus and social media

Search engine optimization is essential for bringing people to your website. Take a look at how your competitors structure for SEO. Social media is also valuable in bringing in customers and should be a focus.


You want your content to be better than your competitor’s. But don’t become obsessed with what they’re doing. Focus on making your own content the best it can and only use your insights as a way to build your content. Don’t copy what they’re doing, look at what’s working for ideas to improve your own.

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