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6 Great Social Video Editing Apps

June 8, 2017

Video on social media has gotten pretty huge, and marketers are finding all sorts of creative ways to promote their brand and products through social video. Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other content [1], and according to a 2015 study, marketers who use video see a growth in revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers [2]. So if you’re not already using social video for your business, you might want to give it try.

A well-edited video can really make you look like a pro, but you don’t have to hire a professional or spend a fortune to make a great video. Here are a few budget-friendly social video editing apps to make your videos stand out.

6 Great Social Video Editing Apps

#1. Magisto

Work on the Website or Download for iOS / Android

Magisto is a good choice to easily put together a great-looking social video. It pretty much does the editing work for you, after you decide on a theme, style, and soundtrack.

#2. iMovie

Desktop for Mac or Download for iOS

This is Apple’s standard video editing app, and it makes it easy to edit your video clips and add transitions, text, music, and other cool features. Good choice if you’re doing your social video editing on your Mac or iPhone.

#3. Hyperlapse

Download for iOS

This fun app was created by Instagram and lets you create high-quality time-lapse videos using stabilization technology. You get to choose from a few different speed options to determine how fast the time-lapse is.

#4. Splice

Download for iOS

Splice is an app created by GoPro, which allows you to splice together video clips as well as adding music and trimming your video clips. This is a great option for basic, precise editing, and you can also unlock more pro features with paid add-ons in the app.

#5. InShot

Download for iOS / Android

InShot is a great option if you just need basic video editing without all the bells and whistles. It’s easy to trim or speed up videos, and add filters and music.

#6. Lumify

Download for iOS

Lumify is a great social video editing app because it’s so easy to use. Easily add filters or effects like a pro, and for music you can either add your own or choose a soundtrack from their stock library.

BONUS #7. Instasize

Download for iOS / Android

Instasize is a photo and video toolkit for social content creators. Edit images on the go transforming them from unedited pics to Instagram ready posts in seconds.


Ready to get editing? We can’t wait to see the great social videos you come up with!


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