12 Creative Out of the Box Web Design Ideas

July 14, 2020

This post was originally published on June 13th, 2019. Updated for July 14th, 2020.

Clean, basic websites need not draw yawns. Adding one or two creative web design ideas into your site keeps it trending and drawing traffic. Read more to find creative out of the box web design ideas that will inspire you.

12 Creative Out of the Box Web Design Ideas: Light bulb outside of a cardboard box.

1. Add an image

Take a simple design and move it outside the box with a striking image (but make sure it loads fast). You’ll keep a clean design while painting 1000 words with one glance.

2. Think edu-tainment

You become more approachable to potential clients with bright colors, infographics and playful fonts.

3. Use Nostalgia

Jump on the shabby chic train and turn old things new. Vintage designs breathe warmth and familiarity into the digital world.

4. Be original with infographics

Seeing the same infographic across sites gets boring. Instead of using pre-made illustrations, create your own (or hire a graphic designer).

5. Showcase your content

Rather than highlighting your product, make your content the superstar. Providing value to your consumers creates a connection. This will draw them to your products.

6. Rotating backgrounds

Mix things up with background images and animations that change as users scroll. It keeps users engaged with your site.

7. Let users choose their experience

Allow users to design their own experience on your site. Let them choose a persona, product or journey.

8. Make your visitors winners

The joy of gaming extends beyond Xbox and PlayStation. Incorporate the thrill of victory into your site.

9. Celebrate diverse users

Include elements that accommodate others in unique ways. Think permanent, temporary and situational challenges. When it comes to ADA compliance, do more than the minimum. Include features all users can enjoy regardless of ability.

10. Include a tour

Virtual tours give users a sneak peek into your storefront or the workings of your company. Nothing proves more personal than a visit.

11. Embrace curiosity

Create mystery and intrigue which builds user curiosity. Give them enough information to keep them clicking or scrolling.

12. Don’t be loud

Use silent videos as backgrounds to show more than you tell. Blaring music may annoy, but silence proves golden for adding interest.

Fifty milliseconds! That’s all you get to make a good first impression with your web design. Whether you are a mom-and-pop shop or a Fortune 500 company, a professional look that attracts customers is achievable.

Keep these tips in mind:

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