The 10 Best Ways to Get Social Media Conversions

May 3, 2022

Social media conversions are the number of people who complete a desired action on a social media platform. This could be clicking on a link, filling out a contact form, or purchasing a product.
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How do social media conversions work?

If you have an online store, one of your conversion goals could be to get people to purchase something from your store. Let’s say someone clicks on your Twitter profile and then purchases something from your store. That’s a social media conversion.


What is social media conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of people who take some kind of action you want them to take. In social media, conversion rates are important because they help us know if our content is engaging enough. Monitoring the conversion rate also lets us see what we need to improve.

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What’s a good social media conversion rate?

You want to have as high a conversion rate as possible. A high rate means your target audience is finding value in your content. In general, a good social media conversion rate is 2-5%.
You might think that your goal should be getting a lot of social media conversions. Not exactly. You should be aiming for a high social media conversion rate. A high rate means that you’re using an optimized social media marketing strategy.


How do you get a high social media conversion rate?


1. Set Clear Goals

Know what actions you want users to take and then focus on those. If you’re selling a product, you want to track clicks that lead to a product page

2. Understand Your Target Audience

Do market research. Where do the members of your target audience live? How old are they? How much education do they have?

3. Create Effective Product Pages

Make sure that your product page motivates visitors to purchase. If they’ve made it to the product page they’re considering buying. But don’t assume they will. A lot of sales are lost at the product page.

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a proven way to increase traffic to your content and to your website. Make sure that you’re using hashtags that are relevant to your business. Also, don’t use too many.

5. Use Content Creation Tools

You want an efficient plan for increasing conversions. Content creation tools like Loomly can help you stay organized. They’ll also maximize the amount of content you can put out.

6. Use Consistent Branding

A unique logo and a consistent color scheme are some of the elements that are part of effective branding. Your brand is a key part of your business’ identity. It helps set you apart from your competition.

7. Be Social

Your audience definitely wants to see engaging content from you. They also want to be able to connect with you as well. Your social media conversions will improve if you are commenting, liking and sharing.

8. Work with Influencers

Influencers are able to reach audiences in a way that companies and organizations can’t. Working with an influencer your target audience trusts is a great marketing tactic.

9. Use Video

Using video will get you more social media conversions. 94% of customers say that video affects their purchasing decisions.

10. Trust the Data

Analytics takes the guess work out of improving your conversion rate. Create a marketing plan you feel good about and implement it. Then, look at the data. Make adjustments based on what it shows you.


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